Inventory Report

Inventory exit report

When the tenant has vacated the property, A&S will inspect the condition of the property and cross check this against the entry inventory check report that was carried out at the start of the tenancy. If the tenant has caused any damage to the property which the landlord believes the tenant to be accountable for, then they are entitled to claim against the tenant’s deposit to cover the cost of the work involved to repair this. A schedule of works will be recorded for the landlord detailing repairs needed to bring the property back to its original state. If this is disputed by the tenant, this may revert to independent arbitration. This is a free service available through the tenancy deposit protection scheme.

Terminating a tenancy

Tenancies can be terminated before the end of the fixed term providing a break clause was included in the tenancy agreement and if adequate notice is given from either party. This is typically two to three months prior to the end of tenancy, and the notice period will be written into the tenancy agreement.

Evicting a tenant

If a tenant fails to leave by the date specified a section 21 notice is served.