Francia Ruiz and Luis Hernandez

Adams-Styles is real-estate is a company, where its organizational culture and values make a difference.
Formed by a team of friendly and ethical professionals.
• The attention of its executives is personalized, respectful and proactive, we have had options, in the selection of housing and an extraordinary orientation. We have felt very comfortable in the negotiations, all the processing of documents has been fast and transparent. Comply with all regulations and comply with the law, this has made us feel safe at all times.
• Administrative staff: is friendly and responsible, they channel the attention to the client properly, they always give correct answers to our requests and if it is not in their hands the solution the message reaches the person who must attend to it, but we have always felt very well taken care of.
• The maintenance team: they are professionals focused on the solution of any repair, even if it is small, which allows having everything at home working properly. We value the simple and professional way, without uncomfortable bureaucratic procedures. They are trusted people, we have authorized repairs in our absence
This team of professional people and their attention is directed to: solution to the client.
We feel very fortunate to establish a business relationship with people of such quality.

Francia Ruiz and Luis Hernandez
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